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Discover beautiful student desperate to live their first sexual experiences and their first orgasms. This boarding school for young women is renowned throughout the country for its quality education, but also for its young and beautiful female students in uniform feeding the wildest fantasies of the male. During the winter holidays, all students leave school. There are only a handful of young women at the school, including Sophie and Matilda. Sophie is beautiful and confident, it's the most popular girl in school. It is also the only one to have a boyfriend she brought fresh in her room and that she gives the hottest possible way, despite the strict regulations of the school. Conversely, Mathilde is terribly shy and everyone makes fun of her, Sophie first. Yet she is dying to be like others and everything about the pleasures of the flesh. The wickedness of its pretty comrades is more difficult to live. But once it has tasted the embrace of a man and intensity of orgasm, Matilda will discover a new self-confidence and an irresistible power of seduction which she will use to Sophie revenge.



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